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Nation to Nation Christian University

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Facilitated by Pastor Craig Bard
Rate per semester is just $75.00
Starting September 13th, 2015

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Nation -2- Nation Christian University (N2NCU) is a video-based ministerial school, offering diplomas as well as two and four-year degrees in Biblical Studies and in Evangelism through Community Development.

Our aim is to help train the eighty-percent or more of Christian workers around the world who for various reasons are limited in their ability to attend a traditional, residential, training school.

The Nation -2- Nation Christian University Curriculum is designed for a broad demographic. Ideally, it is meant for anyone who wants a formalized Bible and Ministry education, but who doesn't have the means or time to attend a traditional Bible School or seminary. Our school is suitable for Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Christian Workers, and anyone else who desires to know more about the Word of God and how to better serve Him. 


The Nation -2- Nation Christian University (N2NCU) Curriculum is not associated with any one denomination so that it can be widely used and received by many denominations and church groups.

n2ncu image 1Leadership Training

We strongly believe that the growing church needs strong, capable, and Christ-like leaders. We include numerous courses which focus on all aspects of Biblical leadership.

Strong Bible Foundation

Beyond ministerial and leadership training, at it's core the N2NCU Curriculum is biblically focused. We believe in a strong foundation built on the Word of God using appropriate hermeneutical interpretation. We include Old and New Testament Survey courses, as well as courses focused on individual books of the Bible such as Romans, The Acts of the Apostles, The Book of Hebrews, The Synoptic Gospels, and The Gospel of John among many others. 

Experienced Professors

We choose our professors for more than just their academic knowledge, their skill as teachers, or their faithfulness to the Word of God. Our courses are taught by men and woman with extensive experience outside of the classroom as well as in it. The N2NCU Curriculum is taught by people who have also been missionaries, pastors, and organizational leaders; who have planted numerous churches and affected countless lives. In their teaching, our professors bring their extensive personal experience, as well as their wealth of knowledge and wisdom, in an effort to pass it on to the next generation of Christian leaders and workers.

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